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Finished the Rioux biography today and really enjoyed it. While I would have preferred an autobiography in Kelley's own words, I think this was the next best thing. I am not usually a big fan of biographies since most of them focus on rumors and scandal.

Thankfully there was none of that in this book. Instead it was a very warm appreciation of Kelley. That isn't to say Kelley was a saint, he had faults just like anyone but the book definitely highlighted what I expected, Kelley was just a down to earth pleasant guy who a lot of people really liked a lot.

Some reviews on Amazon make it seem that there isn't a lot of Star Trek, which isn't true at all, there is a lot. Star Trek makes up about 50% of the book I would say. Some things I knew about before from reading other books, websites, and watching youtube videos, but there is other stuff I didn't know sprinkled in.

Of course Star Trek isn't all of Kelley's life and there is also a bunch of stuff on his early career (and while he wasn't a big star he experienced early Hollywood and even earlier television so very interesting from a historical perspective) and of course there is a lot of good stuff on the Westerns he did.

Also after reading this book I realized that maybe I have come to admire and like Kelley so much because he reminds me a bit of my late grandfather.
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