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Could Vanguard ever be a TV Mini-series

Most here agree, the Vanguard series kicks @$$ and is probably one of the best series Trek Lit has to offer.

I always wondered if it could make a good TV Series....yeah I know Kirk & Co have a few cameo appearances but as most know they portion could be edited out.

The cost wouldn't be so much as it'd have actors and a lot of the sets would be studio/ship scenes and not too much on the planet.

Even if it isn't a TV could be a direct to DVD series as well.

For that matter, I surprised that the folks in charge don't try something like that.

Even if they didn't pick up on Vanguard, they could use a whole new story idea......a whole new ship idea for a few episodes. Perhaps Star Trek is saturated with no series on the air to keep up the ratings, but you'd think even if ONE season of the show, you'd have people watching..

Your Thoughts??
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