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Plot for a new Star Trek Series

Millenia ago a race known as the Iconians flourished, they were the dominant force of the galaxy and their empires reached every corner. This was until an unknown species even more powerful than the Iconians appeared from another dimension and lay siege to them, wiping their entire civilization out and purging them from the galaxy.

In 2899 the Federation has reached its peak, and the galaxy is a peaceful place. Mankind has lost its curiosity and will to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy and is instead only concerned in keeping the peace of the Federation and making it a secure place.

This is until a group of Iconians appear in the Alpha Quadrant, shocked to see Iconians alive they are even more shocked to hear their warnings. The species that wiped them out are back, their singularity has reopened, as it does every millenia and they are back once more to purge the galaxy again.

The Federation quickly puts together a new crew: Their Captain is young war hero and somewhat of a celebrity in the Federation after succesfully defending a number of skirmishes. He also has an ego to match. His first officer is a Starfleet Intelligence Operative who is very 'by the book' and who has been strategically placed on their ship to undermine the Captain and will resort to any means necessary to ensure the mission is a success.

Their 'conflicted' crew is made up of a number of misfits, but their passion for exploration makes them relics of a time gone past, but they will have to join together and put their differences aside to defend the galaxy from the Purge...
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