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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

Well you have to be ready for people to disagree with you on a public message board. That's the whole purpose, people expressing differing opinions and discussing them. I think you're blowing the "negativity" out of proportion simply because you're bummed not everyone thinks the idea is as awesome as you do(compared to some threads here this is rather tame ) To your ideas, the main problem with this premise is you really only have a couple seasons worth of material short of this being a full fledged war series.

TNG worked because the Enterprise had full liberty to go anywhere and explore any given storyline.
DS9 worked because, while it had a more fixed setting, it was situated in such a place where any number of storylines came to it.
VOY worked(hey, lasted seven seasons so it did after a fashion) because Voyager also wasn't constrained to a single plot that could be dropped if it wasn't popular(like the Kazon).

So your Anti-Iconians invade again? Even after two seasons the war arc of DS9 was getting a bit redundant, and you can only swing the pendellum of war back and forth so many times before people start loosing interest. So are the heroes going to beat the bad guys and win peace again? Are they going to lose? What happens after they're gone? All questions that you might do well to think on.
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