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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

True, not everyone's entitled. But after Jonathan Frakes made the succesful transition from actor to director when the producers of Trek gave him a shot, they pretty much gave every actor who asked for a chance to direct a shot. Frakes, Burton, Stewart, McFadden, Dorn, Brooks, Auberjonois, Siddig, Russ, McNeill, Dawson, Picardo even guest stars like Andrew Robinson got a shot at directing after expressing an interest. Why the hell didn't Wang get one? If it's because he voiced criticism, that's a pretty petty reason. Why has Wang never directed anything since? All current Trek actor/directors got their break on Trek and continued on to other shows. I think it would be very hard to break out as a director on a new show. ___________
But if the producers felt one has to be able to act, before they can direct, that would explain why Garrote Wang never directed! Not to mention, Wang had no work ethic and was busy partying all the time. So why reward bad behavior and lack of talent?

Wang not getting any acting gigs post Voyager sort of proves that theory. I also find it ironic for all the bad mouthing of Voyager by Wang, that he is reprising his role on the fan project Star Trek Renegades.
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