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Re: Badass Digest says new writers for Trek 3; studio aiming for the 5

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And I disagree. Giving a Trek film the photorealistic look of SPACE COWBOYS even, let alone GRAVITY, with seriously hard light/unfilled shadow areas, would create more of an aura of credibility.

Take a look at some of the long shots in FC when they're walking on the dish. The very distant shot that opens the sequence is pretty darn good, but then when you get into Patrick Stewart PeterPanPinwheeling over the dish, it might as well be 1955 and THE CONQUEST OF SPACE when Ross Martin gets run over by a space rock.
If you look at actual space photos, you will see plenty of lens flares. But I do agree a that a completely realistic space look would be nice. On the other hand, to complete that feel you might as well have no sound in space which wouldn't work that well.
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