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Re: What are you reading?

^^ I can send you a couple of Pern books. Which ones do you want?

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Next on my list: "The Muzzle" by Heinrich Spoerl. The novel is set in Imperial Germany (same era as Victorian in GB). When returning home from the pub in a rather intoxicated state, a state attorney puts a muzzle onto a statue of the emperor. The next day he can't recall that he did it and is ordered by his superiors to investigate and prosecute the very case (it's considered treason). Gradually, he finds out that it was him and he's at quite a loss what to do. In his despair, he hires a pauper to confess to the deed and go to prison for him. When in court the man claims he "had no idea it was an image of the Emperor but had thought it to be some kind of Goethe" he's promptly aquitted.
That's hilarious.
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