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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

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Before we get to that, it's not just me seeing things, is it?
I'm going to compare both versions tonight, but if I recall correctly, the DVD version was a warm red/ maroon feel, while the blue ray has an ugly cyan look, particularly with the Reliant bridge and the planetoid Regula.
Correct. The 2009 theatrical release (on Blu-ray and eventually DVD) was re-color graded. It was widely talked about when it was first released in 2009.

Doing a search for "star trek the wrath of khan blu-ray blue tint" will result in a bunch of threads on A/V review sites and Amazon reviews pointing it out.

Here is a forum thread with screen shots from different versions of TWOK (satellite HD broadcast, DVD, Blu-ray) and you can clearly see the blue tone was introduced in 2009 (click on the spoiler tag to expand the images to larger size):

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