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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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They think it belongs in fanfic...
If this is your original idea and you want people to help you work on it, then it either belongs in fanfic or fan productions. If this is just an idea you had about where you think Trek should go in the future and you just want people's opinions about your idea, then it belongs here.

...and that i got no idea what im talking about.
I don't believe anyone said that.

Star Trek cant come back to TV until it has moved on from the old format and comes up with new storylines that would attract new viewers aswell as captivating hard core trekkies. Which is why it needs to remain true to Gene Rodeberry's vision of seeking out new civilizations and boldly going where no man has gone before. The ship will be out in deep space and encountering new species and making first contact aswell as encountering species from other Treks. Star Trek can come back to television whenever CBS feels like creating a series. Whatever format the show takes is secondary to that.

I also believe that story arcs are needed as these seem to be more popular than stand alone episodes these days. I would like to do a mix of stand alone and arcs such as what Enterprise did in the final season.
I agree that story arcs are a good thing.
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