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Re: Star Trek TWOK Blue Ray oddity

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Also, TWOK on blue ray has an ugly, blue look. I actually prefer the director's edition DVD
Yes unfortunately someone convinced Nick Meyer to sign off on the re-grading of the color into the popular steely blue/teal palette that pretty much all new movies use, it's really sickening...
What makes you think that anyone even asked Nick Meyer to approve these color "corrections"? I don't think he was involved with the BD transfer.
Paramount implies as much in the pre-announcement of the release in 2009.

"Special care has been given to the Blu-ray version of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which has been ‘fully restored’ in a process similar to Paramount’s recent Blu-ray edition of The Godfather. Director Nicholas Meyer tells us that the Wrath of Khan negative “was in terrible shape” which is why it needed extensive restoration."

Which mind you I call BS on, it was in no way restored with any of the care of The Godfather.

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