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Episode 3 Lesbian Request Denied:

For a show about a WASPY blonde, we certainly spent a LOT of time in the last ep on Red's back story.

In this ep... we do the same with Sophia's (?) transsexual backstory.

I got to admit, the first time around I didn't have a clue what the fire fighter was doing in the burnt out office with his digital camera and the (what I now believe is) unfortunate home owner's credit card statement.

But I have to be blunt... Sophia is as self centered/self obsessed as our dear little Piper Chapman, if not more so! I'm not just talking about everything that led up to her incarceration... but the idiotic, myopic request she made of her wife in the visitation room.

I wanted to stand up and shout "You GO Girl!" when her wife not only said "No." to the idea of smuggling drugs... but that she laid out the reasons for saying "no" in unequivocal terms. I loved her reasoning for trying to stand by her husband Marcus/now wife Sophia... and how she brought the reasons for staying in the marriage AND the reasons for saying no to the smuggling, back to their son. At least someone has their eyes on the prize.

Sophia's only redeeming moments were in refusing to go to Pornstache/Mendez for the drugs. Again, the first time around I didn't notice the Christian Right "Meth head" getting paid off by Mendez for the blow job in the closet... but Sophia did. It was "good" to see there were some things even she wouldn't stoop to, for her meds. Then again, I'd have preferred her "stooping" rather than putting the wife into jeopardy.

Speaking of wives... I laughed when Crazy Eyes went bat-shit crazy on Alex's a$$ at lunch when Alex was bugging Piper. (did you hear how SHE got back into Red's good graces? She had to rub Red's feet for 45 minutes!) And Piper got what she "deserved" by leading the crazy lady on. Hell, even Healy warned her to let Crazy Eyes down carefully.

But did she listen? I'm sure she thought she did. I'm sure she THOUGHT she let Suzanne down easy. But Suzanne isn't Larry, and she isn't Alex. Maybe if Piper googled Suzanne's love poem like I did, she would have had a clue with whom she was dealing.

Its from a collection called "Deplorable Love poetry"

Before I met you, the sun looked like a grape.
Now the sun looks like a mass of flames.
Speaking of flames,
Have you felt the heat of the flames
Of my love for you?
Assuming you have, did it make you uncomfortable?
If not, would you please fan those flames
With the constant reassurance that you also love me?
Although you probably don't love me,
Because nobody ever has,
I have this irrational hope that perhaps you could be the one
To finally bring a little [joy] to my pathetic life,
To love me for who I am,
And believe in me
Even though I don't believe in myself--
Because I'm not actually sure if I exist
Or if I'm the figment of someone else's imagination.

In a world where Piper's family and friends all find THEIR travails over her incarceration to be the most important thing in their lives... From the Mother who tells friends Piper is on a mission to Africa, to her best friend who's more upset that Piper won't attend her during the birth of her first child than she is that Piper has a "prison wife"... to the brother who fears mother will come to visit and put "Creative Cal" in the Christmas Newsletter" since "Perfect Piper" is no longer perfect, to the fiancÚ who's complaining he has to masturbate his troubles away, with or without orgasm ... finding a troubled woman in prison who's more captivated by your blonde hair and preppy smile than she is with her own pitiful existance is probably surprising.

So the fact that this crazy lady takes her displeasure out on your rejection by peeing on your floor in the middle of the night should be NO surprise to you... at all.

After all... she DID throw her pie for you.

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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