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Re: Do changelings really have gender?

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I always got the feeling the Female Founder just took female form simply because Odo was in male form to set his mind at ease and/or to more easily manipulate him be it romantically or maternally.
I got that impression too. Also, I had the impression that changelings, when in their natural environment had no gender, which is one of the reasons why they didn't understand solids, more specifically, humanoids.

I think Odo assumed a gender because that was what he was supposed to do: come in contact with humanoid solids and become them as much as possible, then report back to the great link, and introduce his new experiences, so they can understand solids. Basically as the Female Changeling taught Odo, when a changeling wants to understand something, it becomes that thing. Exactly WHY Odo became male, instead of female, is probably because he came in contact with male scientists. Had the scientists been female, he could have easily been female.
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