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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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And I love the costumes - they're bizarre by our everyday standards, but they're also functional - a person could wear them and go about their daily business.
Yes... they are weird, but no weirder than wearing a tie, or the numerous other bits of current day normal dress which persist as dress codes when the original reason for that bit of everyday apparel has been superceded by zips, or velcro, or buttons, or...
Robots is one of those lightning in a bottle moments when riter, designers, director and actors somehow all got the same idea... even if some of them didn't realise it (the director was doubtful about some of the design, and the writer was horrified by the casting of Uvanov... until he saw the result, and realised this chippy little actor had caught the essence of the character far better than the big bully he'd written could ever have done).
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