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Re: Best Audio Book?

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How's the Cyberman series? I wasn't really that interested until I noticed James Swallow wrote the second run.

Is there an intro story in or "jumping off" point from the main range for stuff like Cyberman, Dalek Empire and I, Davros?
I don't know any of those series, but, the first Dalek Empire story is this month's "Book Club" special, so, it's only 99cents. I purchased and downloaded, but, it's going into the queue, because I have all these Six/Evelyn I want to listen to (Tomorrow I should finish Evelyn's 9th story, and there's 13 left waiting for me to listen). I can't pass up the 99cent deals

I assume Dalek Empire and The Cybermen Series are basically seperate from everything else. I, Davros, I think is his origin story
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