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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Just finished watching Robots of Death for about the bazillionth time
I really like Robots of Death.

I don't know why; I just do. I remember being very impressed by it as a kid. I liked Leela, I loved Tom Baker, and of course, the Agatha Christie-like "let's stand around and see who dies next" murder mystery.

And the robots are just cool.
Yeah the robots really are great, whoever came up with the art deco design really deserves a pat on the back. Itís odd because in other hands this could have been awfully generic, but everything from the designs to the script to the casting just rise it above the norm. Far too many Who serials have 2 dimensional characters, but Boucherís world building here is great, and the cast perform it with conviction (even whist wearing silly hatsÖalthough to be honest they donít even seem that silly because nobody plays it for laughs). You know I usually cite Fenric as my favourite classic Who story, but I do wonder whether it isnít actually Robots of Death.

You have to give kudos to any story that makes you care when an emotionless robot dies, poor D84

It struck me as well this time around that maybe another reason I like it is that it is quite Blakes 7, written by Boucher, it stars Travis 2, is set in the future and the crew of the sand miner do bicker like the crew of the Liberator/Scorpio
Robots of Death is one of my favorite Who stories, ever. I love the society that was shown, as it was actually fleshed out to the point that the viewer can imagine other things happening there, too. Far too many stories take place in a small bubble of isolation; it's like the creators didn't take the trouble to figure out where the characters actually came from and give them plausible motivations for why they act as they do.

Robots of Death is a wonderful exception to this.

And I love the costumes - they're bizarre by our everyday standards, but they're also functional - a person could wear them and go about their daily business.

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Did I just see someone say Douglas Adams didn't "get" Doctor Who?
Some of my favorite Who stories were written by Douglas Adams.
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