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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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Looking fwd to your comments JRulez! I would like to do a rewatch but I'm crash watching Mad Men finally. ...

... I have one friend who has spent the last two years telling me in a swoony far away voice that her ideal man is Don Draper and I've been watching MM in shock with this in my head.
In shock because she was right... or OHHHHH so wrong.

Thoughts on my rewatch.




When I did my rewatch of the pilot, I was struck again by the "expected" themes.

Girl on girl action in the shower...

A$$hole guards (male & female)...

Stupid newbie guards (Oh puhlease... flirting with an inmate on your first week, with a stick of gum???)

Rookie inmate mistakes... "This food is disgusting."

Scary encounters between the races and within your race/"tribe"... ("Friend of yours?"... "No, that was my mother.")

And the beginning of rapprochement between and within those same "tribes. ("You know, you CAN buy flip flops in the commissary." ... and of course... "She's {Red} your mother?" ..."Nah, maternal figure.")

What I didn't expect was all the flashbacks to her life of lesbian romance and crime 10 years ago.

I didn't expect to see her nebbish boyfriend pop the question on a beach before she went to prison.

I didn't expect to see the "hard as nails" Russian cook, crying because the popular (all blonde!) girls back home won't let her play with them. ("Did you count to 10?" I think Galya has a history of acting out, don't you?)

And I REALLY, REALLY didn't expect to see Piper's long lost lesbian lover walk up to say "Hi" at the end of the pilot, just as our Blondie was having a melt down of EPIC proportions.

I got to admit... Red was right. Piper "was" sweet... sickly so. If I had met her in the real, not incarcerated world, I would have disregarded her as "just another yuppie"... and if I had spent any serious time with her, I would have disliked her immensely as a fraud. Her guilt-ing the boyfriend into the clense, and then not having the cojonnes to own up to her own failure was emblematic of how she ran her life. "You know EVERYTHING about ME!" railed Larry in episode 2, shaking the court documents detailing Piper's life of crime. "How can I NOT know this about YOU!"

Yeah "Pipes", what else haven't you shared with him.

What else are you still keeping from him, as you hug him goodbye in the visitation room while Alex winks at you over his shoulder?

I also didn't expect to see some integrity from this same yuppie, as she tossed the food Alex gave her in the trash, and went about her business showing Red that she could apologize with actions and not just cheap words.

Gawd... I LOVE this show and its just the first 2 eps!
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