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Re: Trek Kindle eBook "Update"

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I found the kindle version of Stone and Anvil had about three chapters in the middle in the wrong order. Really confuses the story. I had to compare it to a print copy to figure out what should be where. I reported it to Amazon, who said they'd notify the publisher. That was about six months ago, and so far no update.
Well, it looks as if Stone & Anvil has already been updated as part of the program I mentioned back last November. So, either the changes you mentioned have already been made or they were missed and are still there in a cleaned-up prettier version. The version you mentioned that had the chapters out-of-sequence, did it have the "Thank you for purchasing this Pocket Books ebook - Signup Here" page in the front and back of the book? If not, you were definitely reading and older version and a newer one is available. You may just try re-downloading to see if they send the newer version.

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