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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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I believe so, yes. Although isn't there another generation-ship show in development on another network? Maybe I'm thinking of The CW's The Hundred or whatever that's called.
Thanks for the confirmation on Sojourn, Christopher.

As for the 100 show, it sounds more like a space station in orbit over Earth since the apocalypse nearly a century prior. Since it's just parked in orbit, does that still qualify as a generation-ship? Or does that designation only apply to vehicles on a long journey TO somewhere?

[When I was looking up the 100, I knew it was based on a book series (knowing the CW, presumably a young adult novel series) but I was surprised to learn that the first book in the series hasn't even been released yet. According to Amazon, it comes out in September with the first handful of chapters available for free download in a few weeks.]
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