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Re: Illia as a TOS cast member?

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Having Ensign Ilia at navigation would have been interesting, given the crew a bit more diversity and opened up a new possible storyline--there is actually a woman onboard who Kirk can't bang for legal reasons!
Eh, Kirk kept his hands off the female members of his crew as a matter of principle anyway (except under unusual circumstances, of course).

Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post
That would then see Lieutenant JG Chekov as security chief...I wonder how long he'd survive in a redshirt?
Now that would have been a great running gag in a fourth season - Chekov getting in one redshirt-killing moment after another, and surviving by the skin of his teeth!

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
With Ilia as a permanent crew member youŽd be facing the problem of her (sexual) attractiveness: As soon as she appeared on the bridge in TMP all men started acting like dorky schoolboys. So either theyŽd have had to come up with some in-universe explanation that IliaŽs "influence" somehow wears off after a while, or youŽd have ended up with a bridge crew permanently drooling on their consoles
Barely any trace of that made it into the final version of TMP - no way in HELL that would have made it past the network censors of 1970.
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