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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

TOS Trek has a special charm for me- I watched it on the first airing (along with VttBotS and LiS, etc...) and it was always a world I wanted to be a part of. Out of all the different series and despite all the budgets the TOS Bridge is still my favorite- it looked clean, practical and capable of controlling the entire ship as a nerve center. It did not upstage the characters but supported them.
The shows and acting was sometimes hit of miss, but the dynamics of the cast were wonderful. You could tell they had a history together and enjoyed what they were doing.
I am probably one of the few that prefer the remastered shows- the shows are still the same but the SFX and planetary vistas are more realistic. I do like model shots, even obvious ones like in the Gerry Anderson shows, but when you see the ship pass by and can see interiors through the windows the ship becomes more than just a thing on a filming stand.
Other shows may benefit from modern techniques and bigger budgets, but what happened in the sixties has not repeated yet.
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