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Re: Radio Times Claims a Classic Doctor Might Be in 50th Anniversary

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I'm with everyone else - it just has to be McGann.

If he is indeed in it, I hope they stick with the 8th Doctor's current look:

Hmm. The problem with McGann being in his new look is that only die hard fans of the show know about it, while most viewers would only recognise McGann in his original costume, with all the flash backs and the memory of the 96 film). But a lot of people probably wouldn't recognise the 8th doctor if he wore a new get up unfortunately.

But personally, I like both outfits. I just think that Hurts costume incorporates both McGanns first costume and Ecclestones. McGanns new one wouldn't really do Hurt justice if you know what I mean.

But yeah, I think if any of them are returning, it's got to be McGann for a regeneration. I also heard that they might be doing a minisode prequel with McGann regenerating into Hurt, so I presume this is what the RT is hinting on. If this is announced, I'll probably look forward to this as much as the 50th itself, at least! McGann is one of my favourite doctors (second to be technical, with DT as my first), so if McGann returned, my two faves would be coming back for the special! Please make it so!
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