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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Superman Batman is also excellent. The appearances with the Earth-2 Batman and Supeman feels more like Pak is writing the encounter as a meeting between the Pre and Post-Flashpoint versions. Good stuff and the art with Jae Lee is just beautiful.

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Aquaman #22 - Another good issue. The Dead King is telling Arthur that is family usurped the throne, that he's not a true king of Atlantis and as Mera tries to rally finds out that her people back the Dead King as well. Arthur is wounded pretty good so not sure how he and Mera get out of this. A loose B-story of the attempt to break Orm out is also underway as well as a C-story with a few panels of the Scavenger looting Atlantis while Arthur is away. Surprisingly all of this was juggled well!! It reamains one of the top tier written books DC is doing.
I don't think it's just usurped. I think it implies that Arthur's people aren't even true Atlanteans, but rather likely renegades. It's probably that Mera's people are the true heirs of Atlantis and why the Dead King returned there instead of to Atlantis.
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