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Re: Netflix Presents: Orange is the New Black

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tell you that..
Believe it or not, "Pennsatucky", real name, Taryn something or other, has a (old) nude layout in Playboy. She, apparently, is "hot".

I've been trying to get my sister to watch. But she is hung up on the fact that it is set in a prison. I keep telling her that it's not like any prison show, ever, but she is stubborn.

Tell her the ladies at the Trekkbbs HIGHLY recommend the show.

As does Time Magazine...

As does

As does Variety

As does the Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times review is a bit tepid... but I wonder if that is in part due to its "role" in the series.

The New Yorker likes it much more... and coined my fav line... "its like the love child of Oz and The L Word."

ETA: A great discussion about why this show/series will do better on netflix vs regular TV.
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