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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

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That shouldn't work too well. After all, most lessons of war from the past are outdated ones today, and would lead to a humiliating defeat if applied.
Yet we're talking about the Trek universe, which never had drone technology or long range missiles until Khan brought them back. Where rebooting a computer and reinstalling from backups was something that was so unknown to Starfleet (although not super genius Noonien Soong) in "Contagion" that it cost the lives of the entire Yamato crew and would have done the same to the compliment of the Enterprise and Romulan Warbird as well. Where Pulaski ordering a splint be put on a patient was met with shock.

These people are amazingly advanced in many ways, but they've shockingly degenerated in others. More due to writers with limited understanding of technology than by design, but it's fascinating nonetheless.
Kevman7987 wrote: View Post
This just highlights another misstep the writers took in building the reboot universe.
Surely it highlights the incredibly limited set of weaponry available in Star Trek until the reboot? Long range photon torpedoes would have been rather useful in the Dominion War. As would mile long Starfleet uberships.
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