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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Wow. If Last week's issue was the teaser act, this was Act I. Literally the teaser act since no Diana in this issue. Instead we get a nice "Superman: The Movie" homage and classic "Smallville" Clark and Lois banter, as well as a brief discussion about journalistic integrity and dealing with protecting Clark's identity as well. That line from Lois was perfect and old school regarding someone potentially tracking how Clark got to Smallville without flying. Nice to see Martha again...and the food tradition. Heh. Next the DEO felt very much like Wolfram and Hart as AJK alluded to in his post. I forgot to mention that Director Bones doesn't like failure. Agent Chase was mentioned again...that is who it was Ken and it was the Lois/Lana arc. Teen Titans teased indeed. Steve Trevor as a DEO agent is fascinating. Not quite Col Steve Trevor, but I'll take it! Also, I'm pretty sure that was Constantine reference regarding the consultant attempt in London Just terrific, and the art is great. Clark looked like Lenil Yu Birthright Clark more than he looked like Tom Clark, but that's okay.
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