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Re: New FREE Star Trek TOS game now available!

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Only took two years, but for anybody still following this project / thread, I have good news!

I offer here the link to the first public release of the entire ship. Please feel free to download it and try it for yourself. We would welcome any feedback, as even though this is a "final" release of sorts it will always be a work-in-progress that we come back to from time to time. It's a labour of love

NCC1701: Exploration (RELEASE 1.0) download link:

Enjoy everybody!

PS - we know there can never be ONE definitive version of the ship that gets EVERYTHING right (100% accurate to show, plus makes sense from a structural/engineering perspective, plus reconciles in some way with the various blueprints available), so we welcome any contributions from the community. We can take anybody's models and adapt them to drop into the engine, and we will give appropriate credit for anything submitted. We have already placed several original Trek-themed paintings around the ship that were donated by artist fans, and our background music was also composed and offered to us by a fan. So please, if you have a better looking transporter room / sickbay bed / computer console, etc, than we came up with, we would love to have your work in the game!

Live long and prosper

Paul Weston

Excellent work Paul! I think this is the first time we've gotten a complete 3d ship and I've spent several hours walking around. I took a turbo lift to the lowest deck, then explored each deck going all the way to the bridge by stair.

How many rooms are empty? I ask because on one walkthrough, the gym equipment wasn't there (nor were the game and piano in the secondary hull rec room) so now I'm wondering if some of the empty storage rooms have shelves or boxes or something?

The wood boxes texture is a bit jarring, I can probably whip something up a little more futuristic looking if you can give me some info on format, resolution, etc. I also have some basic modeling skills (very basic) but I might also be able to create some basic shapes to populate some of the storage rooms.

Anyway, despite any issues or limitations, it has been a blast being able to explore the ship and get a sense of it's size.
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