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Re: Noobie - Which Big Finish audio book should I start with?

I'll add my voice to those who loved Paul McGann's Shada. As already mentioned before, McGann and Lalla Ward share a wonderful rapport (which we hear again in Neverland and Zagreus) and the supporting cast from John Leeson to James Fox as Professor Chronotis and Andrew Sachs as Skarga is wonderful. Not only easily one of my favorite Paul McGann audios, but one of my favorite Big Finish audios period.

As for recommendations, I'll break it down by Doctor:

First Doctor

1. Home Truths
2. Farewell, Great Macedon
3. The Rocket Men

Second Doctor

1. The Forbidden Time
2. The Memory Cheats
3. Echoes of Grey

Third Doctor

1. Old Soldiers
2. The Doll of Death
3. The Magician's Oath

(It should be noted that for the first three Doctors, the audios are companion chronicles, which features one or two companion actors with one or two additional voice actors)

Fourth Doctor

1. The Foe from the Future
2. The Justice of Jalxar
3. The Wrath of the Iceni

Fifth Doctor

1. Spare Parts
2. Rat Trap
3. The Emerald Tiger

Sixth Doctor

1. The Holy Teror
2. ...ish
3. Peri and the Piscon Paradox

Seventh Doctor

1. Live 34
2. Flip-Flop
3. Night Thoughts

Eighth Doctor

1. The Chimes of Midnight
2. Shada
3. The Silver Turk

(There are some better Eighth Doctor audios that I would normally recommend, including Scherzo, The Natural History of Fear, Neverland, and Solitaire, but they require knowledge of companions and storylines proceeding them to fully enjoy)

Additionally, I would also recommend Sympathy for the Devil (an alternate Third Doctor story featuring David Warner as The Doctor, Nicholas Courtney, and David Tennant), I, Davros (a four-part mini-series on the history of Davros as told in the style of I, Claudius), and The Mahogany Murderers (the backdoor pilot for the ongoing Jago and Litefoot adventures).

The best of the best of the above stories are Spare Parts, The Chimes of Midnight, The Holy Terror, Old Soldiers, and Shada.
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