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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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Wow, well if you didn't like Hickman's run, I guess you probably just don't like the Fantastic 4.
I did like Hickman's run. I've read F4 since Civil war, and I enjoyed it from then to the end of Hickman's run (I know he started after CW, I just started reading F4 then), I'm just saying that I liked the more superhero type stuff during his run, as opposed to the multiverse of evil Reed Richard's or Future Franklin/Val Richards screwing around in the present. That stuff wasn't bad, its just not type of F4 story I prefer. The only stuff I outright didn't like was his interpretation of the inhumans (Black Bolt having a harem of wives from different types of inhumans was stupid and the books that include the inhumans now just ignore it like it never happened), the fact that he didn't realise that the Power Pack have aged in the last 20+ years (seriously, two of them were elementary school kids in a few issues, when the youngest is supposed to be 16 and I think the two oldest are over 18 now), the few weird issues involving the "Nu-World" stuff and Sue Storm becoming some kind of ambassador for a formerly secret civilization underwater. Besides that, his run was very good. I just liked some things more than others.
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