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Re: Best way to watch all of Star Trek?

Awesome, I appreciate the replies.

R. Star wrote: View Post
Always watch them in order, though skipping the Cage is appropriate. But as for a whole series watchlist... chronological order is mostly the best...
Thank you for the welcome and for taking the time to pull that list together, R. Star. It's clear and I think it would serve well as the foundation of my plan.

bbjeg wrote: View Post
^A good list, but be sure to intertwine episodes, especially after crossovers like DS9's "Emissary" and TNG's "Birthright". Also start Voyager after season 3 of DS9 without passing season 5 of Voyager until completing DS9.
I'll keep that in mind. It's interesting to watch TOS and realize how these early episodes not only stood alone but were developing the foundation for so much more to come in several iterations of Star Trek. For example, a comment that might have otherwise seemed offhand about Spock or Vulcans has become a canonical truth about an alien race in an ever-growing enterprise (if you'll pardon the horrible pun).

All that to say: I will keep it in mind and am curious to see how I feel about intertwining episodes (not just series and seasons) once I am into the more recent television series.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
The Cage is arguably the best episode in all of Star Trek. Go back and check dat shit.
The blog post I mentioned above stated that portions of The Cage are considered non-canon and continues: "The parts of the episode which ARE within established continuity are presented in the two-part Season One episode, 'The Menagerie.'" Based on your suggestion I will watch The Cage at some point, but thought I'd mention this to explain why I skipped it initially.

And now if you'll excuse me, next up: The Trouble with Tribbles.
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