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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

It's that time of the week again! Smallville: Season 11 #57 - Olympus Part II is out today but with it comes a disclaimer! Do not get your star spangled panties in a twist but Diana is not in this issue! I'm sorry! I know your faces may be red and your balls may be blue but you will not get your Wonder Woman fix this time out! Never fear though the story is still unfolding and you're sure to get plenty of our favorite Amazon Princess in the coming weeks!

On to the recap and review!

If last issue was the episode's teaser then this issue is the first five minutes of act one. The part where all the guest stars names run over the action happening on screen. Not that there's much action or story in this issue. No, #57 is more about moving the chess pieces into place so we can get on with the story next week and that's okay.

We open at Dulles Internation Airport with Lois & Clark giving us their cutest My Girl Friday banter. Brian Q explains why Clark takes planes rather than just flying straight to DC and it's a fairly plausible explanation. Still if I were Superman I would chafe at the waste of time and money when he could fly there fast for free. Ah well. He's flying there on the Planet's coin. They're there to cover the attack on Senator Kent. Perry White pulled some strings to get Clark assigned to the story. Sure it's a complete conflict of interest for both Clark and Perry but fuck it! If they were ethically pure there would be no fuckin' story!

Anyways we get a cute moment that I could easily see Christopher Reeve pulling off in one of his Superman movies. Just a warm fuzzy Big Blue Boy Scout moment where Clark reunites a little girl with her teddy bear!

We move on from the airport to Martha's home. She's been preparing a large turkey dinner complete with the world's foremost collection of freshly baked pies! Ooooh my stomach is a growlin' at the thought o' the home cooked goodness! We catch up a tad. Conner Kent is now attending a school in San Francisco founded by our good friend Jay Garrick.

Do I sense a Teen Titans arc in the making? Yessir I do!

What happens from here? Lois and Clark divvie up their investigation. Clark is to investigate the DEO. Lois is to find Martha's hero. Do we get any more of Lois this issue? No we do not. I assume we'll pick up on her search for Diana in a week or two.

This week belongs to Clark.

We cut to DEO HQ and this issue takes a turn for the Buffy. No, seriously. This scene would not have felt out of place in Joss Whedon's Buffy Season 8. Just switch out Mr. Bones for Xander and change a few names and it's pure Buffy goodness.

Bones is frustrated trying to figure out where the cultists from last issue went and there's a lot of talk of "Forensic monks", "teleportation spells" and a consultant in London who keeps turning DEO agents into frogs.

It's a fun little scene.

Anyways Clark shows up on their doorstep and Bones sends an agent to greet him.

An agent named Trevor. Steve Trevor.

To be continued...

Short and sweet this issue was. Again it's an emerging story and Brian Q is moving setting up this story's world so Lois and Clark can have fun running around in it next week. For what it was I really enjoyed it. The banter was fun as was all the fanboy references. If you were looking for a lot of story or action then sorry you won't get it.

Not this week anyway.

The artwork wasn't as impressive as last weeks but was still quite solid. I thought Clark was a little generic looking but Martha's appearance was a marked improvement from the trannie look she had on display last week.

Lois was ball throbbingly HAWT! Sure she looks like Erica Durance so that's a given but...

BY GAWD Lois looked GOOD this issue!

I thought Jimenez's art style took a weird turn in the DEO scenes. It felt like he was channelling Jon Bogdanove's style from the old Superman: The Man of Steel series from the 90s. Bones looked like Bogdanove's renderings of the Cadmus Project freaks.

God I miss those days!

Steve Trevor looked good. Like a CW type of guy. It was a nice design.

Not much left to say. It was a nice issue. Long on setup and short on story. Strong on character and weak on action. It was a damned decent world building issue and if you keep that in mind there's plenty of fun to be had.

Now the long wait for next week begins again...
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