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My kitty~

AWW! A little fluff ball. How sweet!
Every black & white kitty I've ever met has been a real sweetie.
She is SO FLUFFY! And really nice. Although I pinched her tail in the doorway once and she was pissed, but that was my bad lol. Other than that, she is so lovable and enjoys company (even strangers), unlike a lot of cats who tend to keep to themselves. We got her from a neighbor who just stopped taking care of her for some reason. She's happy now though, I think~ We try to take good care of her.

The neighbor we got her from called her Sylvia, but I call her Oreo (cause of black and white).
She looks exactly like a cat I had a long time ago. Her name was Cutie Pie. I miss her...Cutie Pie was definitely my baby. The morning we had her put down, she came into my room and meowed at me for the last time. I think that was how she said goodbye and thank you. I held her when the vet did it and she went off to Heaven purring.

(Note: I don't look at it as sad anymore, she was sick and in pain and it was the best thing for her. Losing my dog, on the other hand, is something I'm still struggling with.)
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