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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

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Has anyone been able to figure out why Marcus needed Khan to tell him how to build a more advanced ship. I don't see how Khan could have learned enough about 23rd century technology to build the Vengeance and do it all in one year. What makes more sense to me is that when Nero's drill fell into the sea, it had a crew on board like when he attacked Vulcan, and that Starfleet captured them and used their knowledge to build the Vengeance. After all, they probably would have been engineers.
I had just assumed that Marcus used Khan's knowledge and understanding of warfare itself somehow to make the ship more dangerous.
That's exactly it. Khan applied current-day methods of warfare (which, like the art of rebooting and resetting a malfunctioning computer in TNG's "Contagion", appear to be lost arts) to 23rd century technology.
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