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Re: What Was Scotty Doing There?

I agree with Christopher that Scotty would probably be most often found at that space station, rather than getting his hands dirty and thus preventing skilled workers from doing their job aboard the ship.

But I think people here are misunderstanding the reason Kirk beamed up to the station. He didn't go up there in order to access the Enterprise - he could always have beamed directly to the ship from a Starfleet transporter platform planetside, or taken a shuttle, or whatnot. No, he beamed up to the station in order to meet Mr. Scott: to complain about the transporters, to annoy the engineer into working faster, to give Scotty a chance to insert a few words of his own.

Flying from the station to the ship was just a sightseeing tour Kirk took because he could easily afford to. He was in no hurry to get to the ship, because he knew better than anybody that the ship wasn't really ready for him quite yet. Scotty would probably have taken that ride in any case, Kirk or no Kirk, as his job would entail sightseeing, uh, overseeing every now and then, and this was a very good choice for a "now"!

Scotty wasn't there to receive Kirk. Scotty wasn't there to carry Kirk to the ship. Rather, Kirk was there to speak with Scotty, in a move that took both parties by surprise (as both would have expected Kirk to beam directly to the ship).

Timo Saloniemi
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