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Exciting stuff. Another question: I may not be able to make the Meet the Pros event because of work. What are the meet the authors/autograph opportunities during Saturday?
The official book signings are Friday night, but I often try to plant myself at the booksellers table for a hour or so on Saturday depending on when I happen to have a gap in my schedule. And many of the other authors try to do the same.

Also, I can't speak for everybody, but very few authors object to signing a few books after a panel or a reading, provided we're not in a hurry to get to another event on the opposite side of the hotel. Ditto for approaching us in the halls, or if we're just idly wandering through the dealer's room or snack bar . . . .

I kinda figure our job is to be accessible to the fans, within reason.

For example: Last year, I was hanging out in the snack bar doing a crossword puzzle when somebody politely asked me to sign a book for them. I had no problem with that whatsoever and was happy to do so.

The whole point of going to these things is to meet the fans.

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