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Let me also point out what may be some unconventional wisdom: you don't have to talk about anything. You will be in each other's presence for the first time. It's okay if you don't have much to say. You can say a lot more with body language. I'd see it differently if you had just met and didn't know each other very well yet, but at this point I'd just say to enjoy being around each other and not worry about making great conversation. If you do think of something to talk about, talk about it. Or just listen.
That's good advice. For me I'd be happy to not worry about conversation, we're pretty close already with talking so much about everything, the meeting is a formality in a sense (it's the hurdle that's stopped us from committing to becoming an item), I'd be happy just being physically close with her, enjoy being in the same place as her but she may not think the same way, she may think the lack of major conversation is a problem when it shouldn't be. but I'm just worried she'll be too nervous to open up to me on the first meeting.
I guess all I can do is be myself and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out then it's a lesson learnt to never leave it too long to meet someone.
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