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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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Well, I really like this show. I like WW better, but this one will do.

As a former Republican, now an independent/libertarian, I wouldn't actually consider Will a Republican. I wouldn't even consider him an old-school "Reagan Republican". There's no one thing that I can put my finger on, just the way his dialog has been written in the past season-and-some-change. IMO, he's being written more as a liberal claiming to be a Repulican, who's too embarrassed to really be called a Democrat because the other Democrats he's surrounded himself with are WAY too left for his taste. Maybe it's that most New York Republicans I've ever met would be considered Democrats everywhere else in the country (with the possible exceptions of Massachusetts and various locales on the "left coast"), or maybe it's that he's a Republican trying to work with and compromise with everyone else in the newsroom who appear to be very left-leaning in general and his own personal message sometimes gets a bit muddled. Don't really know, but there does sometimes feel like mixed messages there. That's the best way I can describe it, anyway.

I still enjoy the writing, and it's quite good overall. I just wish the Jim/Maggie thing would kind of go away, but that's just me.
I did enjoy his quip about "Why don't you ever ask someone how they could be a Democrat?"... I agree with you to a certain extent... I'm a pretty moderate Republican with definite conservative leanings on the fiscal side of things, so I can kind of relate to Will's character...

The people who took over the idea of the Tea Party and transformed it into some kind of Christian crusade are not true Republicans, but I disagree with Will that they are "American Taliban."... A better equivalent would be the ELF or half of the people here in Santa Fe... LOL..
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