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Re: Will the real Wyatt Earp please stand...

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I haven't read it in 37 years, but there is a book called TRIGGERNOMETRY that really debunks and demythologizes the actual gunfighters.
Yeah, I checked that book out from the library many times when I was a kid. I should try to find a copy.

Kinokima wrote: View Post
I think Spectre of the Gun looked fantastic for something that was obvious low budget. It is an example of what you can do with a low budget in a creative way. It is the same with Empath for me. Those two episodes are definitely my favorites in terms of look & atmosphere.
"Spectre" is really a high point in the third season to me, and the surreal setting is a great example of turning a (budgetary) weakness into a strength. I don't think it would have worked as well in terms of alien bizarreness if it had been done on location or a western town backlot.

"The Empath," OTOH... I guess the setting seems alien but it's not enough to overcome its crummy writing, dreary pacing, ambivalent direction and overacting. Yes, I hate it.

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There is an entire sport devoted to "cowboy action" shooting. I've seen people shoot a hole in a target and chase multiple shots through the same hole, using the weapon's original fixed sights. A single action cartridge revolver can be tuned to be as accurate as any modern counterpart.
Probably not as accurate, because the high standards of modern metallurgy in the parts. But certainly accurate enough for what they were used for in the old days, when most handgun "fighting" occurred at too close a range to even use the sights.
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