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I want to take a look at the passenger lists for the port where my maternal grandparents arrived in 1922 or 23, and those are available only on microfilm, so I'll be spending a day at the public library soon. I wonder how many decades it's been since I used microfilm!
So it turns out that my grandparents arrived at an entirely different port than I'd thought! But now I have passenger lists and naturalization papers. I know the city where my grandmother was born -- also not where I'd thought! -- and the city where they were married. Baby steps.

Anyone here from Turkey?

My grandparents emigrated from Russia immediately after the revolution in October (November) 1917. They lived in Istanbul for five years before coming to the US. What I'd really love to find is immigration records for Turkey, but I doubt they even exist. There was just a tad of turmoil in the region at the time.
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