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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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I'But what I don't get is why you ask as though this is something I pulled out of my butt when the only reason I'm talking about it is in response to your own words:

And I say yes he whines about this and you ask me what my source is? What is your source?

I have a problem with how you phrase you comments and how you're characterizing Garret Wang as some kind of ingrateful crybaby that got exactly what he deserved. To me Garrett Wang was one of the first actors to honestly voice the creatively restricting conditions on Trek that IMO were huge part of the reason the show disappeared from television.

"I was the first actor in ST hx denied the chance to direct"???

You know, just being an actor on the show doesn't give one the right to direct. You show your willingness to learn the craft by sitting next to the Director or his/her AD or the Director of Photography whenever you have a free moment and bug the hell out of them re: which lens they are using, how to position a shot etc. In articles and podcasts, that was what Renee o'Conmnor did on her show "Xena: WP" until TPPB caught a clue and gave her 2 eps to direct in her 6 years.

RDM suggests a similar bar was used on the Star trek set.
Roxann Dawson who directed two Voyager episodes said something similar. She said there was something along the lines of a "class" that you had to go to first.
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