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Re: The curse of even Trek Films and the reboot - thought

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you harp on Generation's plot holes, which are no more or less than any of the other movies, because you already dislike it. And I think it's VERY cinematic.

but as you wrote, to each his own.
I don't care for any of the TNG films (not even FC), but I thought GEN had the best potential of them all. That said, GEN fails on the most basic level. The main the setup for the movie, the setup for the two main characters, are completely screwed up in the payoff and the entire film falls apart as a result.

I've posted in a couple of other threads about this, but basically the main problem with GEN is this:

Kirk's character arc is set up at the beginning of the film. We see Kirk is unhappy in retirement. The key to his character as shown at the beginning of the movie is that he needs to be in the middle of the action.

Then we get Picard's setup. In the wake of a recent family tragedy, he's starting to think about the life he's forfeited ("There will be no more Picards...)

Both Kirk and Picard end up in the Nexus, a place where everyone gets what he really wants.

Either the Nexus or the writers screwed up big time, because the payoff in the Nexus is the complete opposite of the setup. We're now told that what Kirk really wants is a quiet retirement. Um... huh? Wasn't the Nexus watching the first part of the movie? Then we have Picard, though he'd love to stay with his make-believe family, is itching to get back to the action. Um, wasn't that supposed to be Kirk's payoff?

Logically, the way the entire movie was setup, it should be Kirk trying to convince Picard to go back. Obviously, Picard is the main hero, and the writers want him to take the lead active role. But in that case, you have a different movie, and you should have set it up differently. Instead, you have a schizophrenic film that isn't sure what it's doing.

Both TWOK and GEN have plot holes, but it all comes down to setup and payoff. As long as you provide the perfect payoff to the characters you've set up, audiences will be forgiving about plot holes. In the case of GEN, it was a complete failure to provide the proper payoff.
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