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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

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"I was the first actor in ST hx denied the chance to direct"???

You know, just being an actor on the show doesn't give one the right to direct. You show your willingness to learn the craft by sitting next to the Director or his/her AD of Director of Photography whenever you have a free moment and bug the hell out of them re: which lens they are using, how to position a shot etc. In articles and podcasts, that was what Renee o'Conmnor did on her show "Xena: WP" until TPPB caught a clue and gave her 2 eps to direct in her 6 years.

RDM suggests a similar bar was used on the Star trek set.
Jonathan Frakes did exactly the same thing. Whenever he wasn't shooting scenes he followed the production process intimately to familiarize himself with it. He had to wait for about 2 years before het got the chance to direct The Offspring. I doubt that all Trek actors turned director had to wait THAT long for their chance. Sure being an actor on Trek does not give you the right, but for a show that's known for being supportive of actors wanting to direct, it sure is remarkable that he wasn't given the chance.
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