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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

All the TNG films except for one have a huge glaring flaw that will distract me. First Contact contradicts previous Borg logic and makes them less threatening just so we could have Picard act like a maniac wielding a phaser. Insurrection is pretty boring. I find it more boring than The Motion Picture (even though I really like TMP) because at least with TMP, there was something interesting happening when the movie didn't slow down. I also find it a little uncomfortable knowing that Picard didn't even try to save Ru'afo and instead say a dumb one-liner. Nemesis is hilarious. I mean I can't even get upset with it because it makes me laugh. It is so stupid and while watching it, I inadvertently scratch my head at certain points. Shinzon is such a non-threatening and funny villain that there is no way I can ever watch the movie and go "this is intriguing." I watch it as a comedy. The absolute worst of the bunch is Generations. Generations straight up makes me bad. I mean, not in the same way that Abrams films make me want to throw a chair but Generations is pretty awful. It's just scene after scene of sheer stupidity. I hate knowing that The Undiscovered Country had such an amazing ending and a fitting way to put to rest the original series that every time I watch it, I leave with a great feeling. Generations screwed that up. I mean not even just with the original series but even with TNG. I guess they were too nervous to make their own stand alone movie so they played it safe. From the nitpicky moments like how they changed Data's emotion chip to the really stupid moments like Kirk's infamous burial beneath a couple rocks just frustrates me as a whole. It's not like Nemesis where I can just go "alright, this is stupid but at least I can have fun making fun of it." Every time I think about it, I get a headache thinking of all these individual moments that they dropped the ball on. If I had to rate them, however from worst to "best" if you can really call it the "best..."

1. Generations
2. First Contact
3. Insurrection
4. Nemesis
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