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Re: Alexander Siddig Interview: He reveals anger over changes to Bashi

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I doubt Siddig would have been as upset if it weren't a really dumb twist, or if it made any sense with his established character.

If anything it undermined the most likable things about him. He didn't achieve his successes because of dedication and hard work, he was another souped up Star Trek whiz kid. He didn't botch his pre ganglionic nerve because of his self sabotaging insecurities, he did it to throw people off the track. That took awesome things about Bashir and made them lame. It was a really, really bad twist.
Really good points, completely agree.
And I completely disagree. I like that they made the super-genius, super-accomplished very young doctor have a character reason for being so (even if it was a retcon), and not just because plot. Now it made sense that this relative kid was up for major awards and curing incurable diseases, besides for the fact that he happens to be a major character on the show. The other shows got around that by other ways (either with an older, experienced doctor (TOS, TNG, ENT) or with a computer (VOY)), but DS9 didn't have that excuse until we got this reveal.
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