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Re: tabletop

Ooh, a tabletop thread.

Games I would recommend:

* Small World -- Great game, easy to get into, lots of replayability, doesn't take too long (maybe 90-120 minutes for a full 5-6 people.)
* Last Night on Earth -- The only thing involving zombies that I actually like.
* Betrayal at House on the Hill -- This one is weird because the first half of the game always has the same rules, then the second phase (called "The Haunt") begins, and the rules for that are different each time (based on various conditions.) It's an absolutely crazy game if you can get a handful of people to play it, though.
* Battlestar Galactica -- This is another great one for a good-sized group (5-6 players.) Even if you aren't into the show, it's a lot of fun. To start off, 1-2 players are secretly Cylons who can undermine the other players without anyone knowing. Your resources are always dwindling, putting you constantly on the edge of annihilation. You have to try to survive and, if you can, identify and execute the Cylons in your midst. Once the Cylons are revealed (they may also reveal themselves), they can take a more active role in trying to destroy the human race. The arguments spawned over who is or isn't a Cylon are great. This game can take a while, though: I've had sessions go past 4 hours.
* Dominant Species -- This game looks incredibly complex on the surface, but once you get your head around the phases and actions, it starts to move pretty quickly. This is a highly strategic game where you do need to spend some time planning out your approach. It's a very interesting exercise.
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