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Best way to watch all of Star Trek?

As a brief introduction, I recently realized I'd enjoyed all the Star Trek I'd ever seen but was very aware that it was a tiny portion of the whole and did not include a single episode of the original series. I decided to watch all of it, every episode and movie, in an ideal order. Following suggestions from a blog post I skipped The Cage, started with Where No Man Has Gone Before, and have since watched them in (Netflix's) order through Obsession.

Watching them has been great and as I had questions and a desire to know more I kept finding myself reading threads here. With a respect for this community I now want to throw the question to you: what recommendations would you make to someone committed to watching all of Star Trek, the vast majority of it for the first time?

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I was unable to find an existing thread on the subject. I look forward to your input!
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