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Re: Dating Tips

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If you've been texting for months, you should know at least something about her interests. Hopefully you share at least a few of them. After the pleasantries of finally seeing each other in person, start the conversation by asking about those interests, or having something to say about them. It's common ground, something you can feel comfortable and confident discussing - and be yourself about - then be open to having the conversation evolve from there.
That would be excellent advice if it wasn't for the fact we've talked about eachothers interestes, all of them, in great depth and detail. This is why I'm starting to think that for any relationship to actually work you're better off meeting face to face immediately rather than putting it off cos when you do finally meet face to face all avenues of conversation are exhausted and it makes meeting extremely awkward.

Oh well.
So, talk about what's been going on in your lives lately. Talk about your plans for the future. Ask about their goals, talk about your own. When you meet, do something engaging that you can both talk about.

Let me also point out what may be some unconventional wisdom: you don't have to talk about anything. You will be in each other's presence for the first time. It's okay if you don't have much to say. You can say a lot more with body language. I'd see it differently if you had just met and didn't know each other very well yet, but at this point I'd just say to enjoy being around each other and not worry about making great conversation. If you do think of something to talk about, talk about it. Or just listen.
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