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Re: Medical Update--Possible Setback.

Oh, I'm of high spirits. Thanks for the well wishes. On the one hand...I'm glad this is taking as long as it is, because my foot is rather complex compared to other people's feet. So the fact that we are going through the motions is to me a good sign we're covering all the basis. The bloodwork should have been done when I was at the hospital the first time earlier in the month. The fact that it has been ordered so late, makes me think that it isn't a real serious possibility. I am thinking they are more concerned with it being a possible gout.

The heat wave here in Vancouver has been basically masking the's been a double edge sword, because it's what is essentially allowing me to walk, yet it is causing my ankle to swell like a balloon as well.

Hopefully the CT scan reveals some answers. This pretty much has disrupted my entire summer lol.
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