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Re: Favorite Unpopular Episode

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I'll defend "Catspaw" to my dying day. It's a spooky Halloween episode written by Robert Bloch, no less. What's not to like?
Those pipe-cleaner puppets at the end. Oh why oh why didn't they remaster that scene?
Oh and the black fluffy cat didn't look evil at all. It looked cute.
I prefer the stereotype familiar cat all black and sleek. Not a pure bred house cat.

Aside from that I thought the episode was pretty good.

I'm going to put my vote in for "Plato's Stepchidren". You've got to look past the horsey ride and see all the great character moments for Spock and Kirk and McCoy. Kirk was humbled in this episode yet noble and defiant in defeat.
I also love "Empath" - which some people seem to dislike.
Empath and Plato's Stepchildren would be in my Top 10.
CBS-D did sort of clean up the pipe cleaner puppets for the remastered version, but I'll always see the strings in my mind's eye. I have to admit that Korob and Sylvia were two of the most "alien" looking aliens that we ever saw in TOS, next to the Medusan ambassador-in-a-suitcase.
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