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Re: TNG Caption This! 322: What's Happening to Me

PICARD: We'd better get it right this time.
RIKER: Captain and Number One 'D*ck In A Box' parody video, take six.

TASHA: No Deanna, don't! Drugs make you feel good, but take my word, they're not worth it!
TROI: Who invited Carter?

PICARD: Huh. If we're moving at different multiples of the speed of light, how can we see each other so clearly out the window? I should go have Geordi explain it to me again.

BEVERLY: Computer, show me to the part of the ship without tacky art deco wall panels.

PICARD: Wesley, take out the trash.
WESLEY: But I want to fly the...
RIKER: Are you questioning the captain's orders?
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