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Re: Audition samples for the 12th doctor released

If we were switching from Jon Pertwee to Tom Baker, there couldn't be a reference to height because they were both the same height, 6'3".

But I'm absolutely stunned to learn that McCoy & McGann are the same height. You lied to me, BBC! You lied to me!

But then, I'm constantly bamboozled by the Doctor's height. I never realized that Matt Smith was so tall until I looked up Karen Gillan's height an realized that she was 5'11"!!!! So Smith has to be really tall just to stay in the same frame as her. (So then, think about how tall that handsome friend of Amy's needed to be in "The Eleventh Hour" considering how he just towered over both Smith & Gillan.)

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I agree, the entire time I had to remind myself not to read that in Matt Smith's voice. But then, this is hardly indicative of what they have planned for the new Doctor, and indeed kind of fits with the other post regeneration scenes in the nu-series in which the new Doctor still has his predecessor's mannerisms. Smith seemed to be channelling Tennant in The End of Time, and Tennant was channelling Eccleston in The Parting of the Ways.
I'd argue that Smith was channeling Tennant as late as "The Big Bang," at least in Moffat's scripts.
I don't know about that. I think, for the most part, Smith made it his own pretty early on. He did have some rather shouty moments in "Flesh & Stone" that felt very Tennant-esque but I think Smith has mostly felt like Smith the entire time. Certainly, right at the beginning in "The End of Time," Smith is reacting with an extreme level of quirkiness that totally fits Smith but is far beyond anything Tennant or Eccleston would have done.

When I first read that script, I heard it in a combination of Smith & McGann. (I've been reading some 8th Doctor novels lately, so I'm in a very McGann mode.) Trying it again with a Tennant voice or a Baker voice (either Colin or Tom) works perfectly. I can get halfway there with Troughton, McCoy, or Eccleston. But I just can't manage it at all with Pertwee or Davison. So, yes, we seem to be keeping in a fairly eccentric vein of Doctorishness. Which is how I like it anyway, so I'm glad that Moffat is continuing for a while.

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the dialogue does not indicate they are casting a woman..

Doctor: "What! What!"

Clara: "What's wrong?"

Doctor: "My Penis, it's gone!!"

Doctor: "Clara? Could you check the artificial gravity settings? I seem to be more top heavy than usual."
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